Affiliate Packages

Affiliate and dealer relationships require a different marketing approach.  They can help manufacturers significantly grown their business by enhanced dealer network and offering cutting-edge marketing tools to their affiliate offices.

The partnership with dealers can help strengthen and grow the brand an the product you offer.  With the implementation of the correct tools, we can help you strengthen dealer relationship and grow your affiliate network.

We are experienced in lead generation via corporate office and delivery to the network.  We also specialize in developing tools that allow you to track best practices in the network and share them with your affiliate chain.

Brand leveraging starts with creating a brand manual that your affiliates will follow and implement.  We understand how difficult it may be if dealers offer services under their own, and not manufacturer brand.  That doesn’t mean that they cannot help you in building and strengthening the brand of your product.

We can help you with implementation of a marketing control reporting system that will allow you to see the marketing budgets and lead generation across all of the dealerships. 

Websites for manufactures that feature dealer lead generation solutions.  We can implement custom dealer landing pages or micro-sites with customer reviews, promotions and more. 

Our SEO services go hand-in-hand with a website build.  We can provide page #1 Google Search results with custom built sites and 12- and 24-month SEO programs. 

We can help you strengthen your client relationship via customized Social Media Management.  Our campaign strategy helps our clients build a stronger brand and a better relationship with a client.