We are a solution for businesses that don’t have an in-house marketing department, but would like to build and grow a successful business with a clear marketing strategy.  We are the start-to-finish contractor agency.  We will help you with consultation on CRM software, we will train your staff on how to effectively track leads, we will build a marketing plan and execute it.

Our staff can handle everything from website design, brand management to direct mail and online campaigns.  We will also build your SEO programs and manage your Social Media and at the end, deliver all the reporting needed to continue building successful marketing solutions.

Full Service Marketing Solutions

Your marketing success starts with brand identity. Logo, letterhead, business cards and signage are all very important elements to creating a successful brand.

We deliver benchmark reports, market reports and research your past client database to build you new target client group demo.

We don’t set your budget – we look at your goals, expected growth, market potential and saturation and work with the budget that best suits your needs. Our budget will include all direct mail, TV, radio, online and many other advertising campaigns we will be implementing.

There’s no doubt that if your site is not generating the most of your leads, you need to make adjustments or most likely, focus on your SEO.  We can help you develop site that will position on Page#1 on Google Search.  Organic positioning is what we always strive for.  PPC campaigns are recommended only in the SEO growing phase.

We create successful online marketing campaigns, retargeting strategies and if necessary, PPC campaigns.

Social media plays an important role not only as a stand alone marketing lead generator, but as a very important SEO support to your website.  Don’t underestimate Social Media Advertising.  It can be effective and very affordable.

We don’t only provide solutions, we also deliver results.  We measure all of the performance and present you on month basis with a report that will reflect you the full structure of the leads you have acquired.  We track and manage your marketing spending and keep you on budget. We also provide leads vs. sales reporting.

Just when you thought the items above include everything in marketing, we also provide you with apps that support your sales team. We can help you with product or sales presentation or pricing.